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Women’s Credit Cards

 Women Credit Cards: Some banks have introduced credit cards that are exclusively designed for women to ensure their female customers get the maximum benefits. These cards focus on shopping rewards and cash back offers. Cardholders can get fuel surcharge waiver, bonus reward points, insurance etc.. Some credit cards for women also offer travel benefits. Some of the Women’s credit cards: 1. HDFC Bank Solitaire – Premium Women’s Credit Card. 2. ICICI Bank Coral Credit card. 3. Kotak Mahindra Bank Silk Inspire Credit Card. 4. Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum. 5. FBB SBI StyleUP Credit Card. 1. HDFC Bank Solitaire – Premium Women’s Continue Reading »

Credit Cards

Different Types of Credit Cards

Types of Credit Cards: Credit Cards are small sized plastic cards similar to ATM and Debit Cards. Using credit cards you can make the purchase of goods and services. You do not have to pay bills by cash or from your savings at the time of purchase. Using these cards you can purchase goods and services on credit. The money which you have to return at the end of every month. You can select to pay the full amount of credit that you have borrowed from your credit card issuer or a minimum fixed amount every month. In case you Continue Reading »

Home Loan

How to Reduce Existing Home Loan Interest Rates

Banks and housing finance companies reduced interest rates on home loans. Banks charge a conversion fee of around 0.5% on your outstanding loan amount, plus taxes. For instance, if your home loan outstanding is Rs 10 lakh, the conversion fee would be around Rs 5,000, plus taxes. 1. Banks follows MCLR (Marginal Cost of fund-based Lending Rate) model The MCLR is the benchmark rate below which a bank cannot lend and is calculated based on a prescribed formula based of four variables (1) marginal cost of funds (2) operating cost (3) tenure premium and (4) negative CRR-carry cost. MCLR replaced Continue Reading »