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Personal Finance

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning

Personal finance covers a wide variety of fundamental topics including budget, expense, debt, saving, retirement and insurance. Awareness towards how each of these topics works together and affect each other is important. It may be the root work for a solid financial foundation for you and your family. Budget At the basic level of personal finance, you deals with a budget; you earns money and then you spend that money. Even if you haven’t created a detailed and written budget you continue to budget on a daily basis.  If you plans Detailed budget every month there will be no issue in the case Continue Reading »


Check Points for Retirement Planing

Life always travel from working life to retirement. Its on our hand to prepare careful financial planning and decision-making.  For that you need to give time to prepare planning from today. Getting close to retirement? Don’t wait until the last hours to get your finances in order. Give yourself plenty of time to be prepare. Followings are some point which may help to prepare painless and tension free retirement life. 1. Convert some percent of your income into savings Make careful research on your source of income and set savings so you have an income from the first day you retire. Options Continue Reading »