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Plans Available In Life Insurance Corporation of India

LIC is the Life Insurance Company offering too many Life Insurance Plans as per Customer needs, Planning, age etc. LIC Is number one in Life Insurance sector in India. Claim Settlement is also good in Life Insurance Corporation of India ( LIC of India). It offers too many plans in different categories like Children Plans, Endowment Plans, Money Back Plans, Pension Plans Annuity Plans, Term Plans, Health Plans etc. Some of the plans have been listed here and explained in the separate post. You can go to the detailed explanation of plan by clicking on the name of a plan or table number of the plan.

Table No.Name of the PlanType of InsuranceAdditional Info
Jeevan Akshay VI
Pension/ AnnuityPension Plan
814 New Endowment Endowment PlansEndowment Plan
815Jeevan AnandEndowment PlansLife Time Risk Cover
New Bima Bachat
Money BackSingle Premium
817Single Premium EndowmentEndowment PlansApplicable for Child Also.
New Jeevan Nidhi
Pension/ AnnuitySingle Premium and Regular Premium
820Money Back 20Money BackMoney Back 5th, 10th and 15th Year
821Maney back 25Money BackMoney Back 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th Year
822Anmol JeevanTermTerm Plan
823Amulya JeevanTermTerm Plan
827 Jeevan Rakshak Endowment PlansEndowment Plan
830 Limited Premium Endowment Endowment PlansLimited Premium Paying Terms
832Child Money backMoney BackChildren Money Back
833Jeevan Lakshya Endowment PlansPremium Paying Terms less than Policy Terms.
834Jeevan Tarun Money BackChildren Money Back at every year from age 20 to 24
836Jeevan LabhEndowment PlansPremium Paying terms Less then Policy Term
838Jeevan Pragati Endowment PlansIncreasing Risk Cover
Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana
Pension/ AnnuityFor Senior citizens
Aadhaar Stambh Plan
Endowment PlansEndowment Plan For Male
Aadhaar Shila Plan
Endowment PlansEndowment Plan for Female
845Jeevan Umang Plan
Endowment PlansWhole Life Plan
846Jeevan UtkarshEndowment PlansSingle Premium Plan
835New Endowment
Endowment PlansULIP
904Jeevan ArogyaHealthEquivalent to Health Insurance

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