wasting money

Different Ways of Unnecessary Spends and Remedies to Save it by Wasting Money

I see to many peoples spending money in the products which does not meant for him. Its totally unnecessary Spends and wasting of money. followings are different examples with remedies to save money.

1. One of my friend uses costlier Smartphone. He even does not have time to check mail, take selfie, listen music. He changes smartphone at interval of every two or three months.

Before purchase think is it really your need or only to show Status?

2. Some persons brought things which are already with them!

One example for that once I went to mall with my friends. One of my friend purchased 4 pairs of pant-Shirt, coz he liked it. Next day when we meet at soda center the words from him was – Yaar, one of the pair is exactly matched with pair already purchased in last month.

Make Inventory Check before Shopping.

3. Attraction towards Big Brand Name may cause excess financial load

persons have attraction due to hobby or for status towards Big Brand Names. Even same products are available in other brands giving same result as big brand. Yet they are buying brand due to their perception towards brand that any other can not give like that one.

Its not always true that no others can give quality as Brand.

Individual can check it by comparing its performance which is already in use by other relatives and friends.