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Man Under Debt

Common Mistakes to Fetch Yourself Under Debt

At present, the inflation is very high. A little bit of a mistake can bring a financial crisis. A small mistake in using money can cause a lot of financial problems. People are beginning to live a higher life Standards to show their dominance over time because they observe others life style, not their financial situations. Which eventually makes a mountain of debt and drowns itself in debt. The following are some reasons which may be responsible for persons debt condition. Followings points may be useful in your life to avoid financial losses in your life and save from burden Continue Reading »

Personal Finance

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning

Personal finance covers a wide variety of fundamental topics including budget, expense, debt, saving, retirement and insurance. Awareness towards how each of these topics works together and affect each other is important. It may be the root work for a solid financial foundation for you and your family. Budget At the basic level of personal finance, you deals with a budget; you earns money and then you spend that money. Even if you haven’t created a detailed and written budget you continue to budget on a daily basis.  If you plans Detailed budget every month there will be no issue in the case Continue Reading »


Check Points for Retirement Planing

Life always travel from working life to retirement. Its on our hand to prepare careful financial planning and decision-making.  For that you need to give time to prepare planning from today. Getting close to retirement? Don’t wait until the last hours to get your finances in order. Give yourself plenty of time to be prepare. Followings are some point which may help to prepare painless and tension free retirement life. 1. Convert some percent of your income into savings Make careful research on your source of income and set savings so you have an income from the first day you retire. Options Continue Reading »


Using Credit Cards for Shopping has Impact on Unnecessary Waste of Money

Credit card spending produces affect the overall Savings and economy . Particularly in an economy where consumers tend to rely on credit cards for necessities. The persons who posses credit card spends unnecessary while shopping. Average over spending per credit card holder is 20 to 30 percent as he does not have to pay while purchasing and it accumulates in billing cycle. It causes towards less saving and increased spend. There are many types of Credit Cards. There are Good and Worst Sides of Using credit cards. First we look at good side: Cost efficient way to get what you want, Continue Reading »

wasting money

Different Ways of Unnecessary Spends and Remedies to Save it by Wasting Money

I see to many peoples spending money in the products which does not meant for him. Its totally unnecessary Spends and wasting of money. followings are different examples with remedies to save money. 1. One of my friend uses costlier Smartphone. He even does not have time to check mail, take selfie, listen music. He changes smartphone at interval of every two or three months. Before purchase think is it really your need or only to show Status? 2. Some persons brought things which are already with them! One example for that once I went to mall with my friends. Continue Reading »